So, I've lived in Washington for almost all my life. Due to that, I've found myself to be a bit of a self-proclaimed expert on the items every gal would need to survive in this state. It is best to ensure that your closet contains mostly waterproof & warm clothing for 9 months out of the year. It is also necessary to layer in a world where weather can constantly change as well. That way, you're prepared for EVERYTHING since rain could start randomly.

First, you need a peacoat for the cold. This one in particular is my favorite because it's wool. That way it not only looks cute, but also keeps you warm! This coat is also currently on sale. Instead of it being $398, it is now $199!

Second, having a puffy waterproof jacket is necessary. This way, the puffiness will keep you warm, but it being waterproof and having a hood will prevent you from getting wet. This one is also longer so it will protect your upper body and most of your lower body. This jacket is usually $250, however, right now it's on sale for $110. Which is a steal when you think about how functional and versatile it is!

Third, you need a rain jacket that you can use everyday. Something this versatile can be great because it is easily packable to carry all the time. For me, I use a north face and I've found it to be worth my money. Mine usually last atleast 5 years and I find that to be a substantial ROI. This one in particular is $90.

Next, having rain-boots is vital to your closet. Puddles are everywhere. Wet shoes & socks are not fun to deal with. These particular ones are only $55 and can go with any outfit due to how neutral of a shade they are.

Fifth, while rain boots are needed, you also need a pair of cute shoes that are also waterproof! These are shoes that can be worn to work or even a night out. They can easily go from day to night and either dress up or dress down an outfit. These booties usually go for around $152, however, they are on sale right now for $100 and come in a variety of colors!

Second to last, a waterproof backpack can be helpful for everything. This particular one at $148 not only has a laptop case, but can also hold a yoga mat. That way you can go from work, to working out in ease. It also has tons of storage and space that can be use to hold whatever you need for work or exercising.

Finally, versatile sweatshirts are a staple in anyone's closet. Layering with these are great and can also go under any of the jackets I included or shoes. These particular sweatshirts are $70 and come in a variety of colors. They also have quite large side pockets rather than one center pocket. So, it can actually hold things and you won't have to worry about things falling out. Lastly, they are timeless so they will always have a place in your closet!

Hope this guide helps you enjoy the weather of Seattle. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below!

Updated: Apr 21

Recently, I have decided to revamp my skincare routine and choose as many natural products as possible. I have struggled with my skin for years and finally finding an effective routine is something I am so happy to find. Here is my new, updated routine!

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of my skin from before. I have always been self-conscious of my skin and until a few years ago I'd wear makeup everywhere. However, I now have decided to embrace my skin and wear it all the time than trying to hide it.

My products:

1. Cleanser -

2. Hydrating Lotion -

3. Moisturizer -

4. Eye Cream -

5. Spot Treatment

6. Tone correcting for hyperpigmentation

7. Exfoliator ( every other day) -

8. Face Mask (once a week) -

That's all for now! If you have any questions/comments, leave them below!

Fall is my favorite time of year. Now, I know I might seem biased since I'm also a fall baby but you get to be the most creative with your outfits. I love layering and figuring out how to change my outfits to give them a whole new life than how I had previously worn them. This particular outfit is something I like to wear when I want to feel "cute" but also warm at the same time. I know that might not make sense since I'm wearing a skirt, but it's actually warmer than it seems. I am also a hoarder of fall items and so the coat in this picture goes ALL the way back to my freshman year of high school (yes, you read that right).

I couldn't find links for half of these items since I've had them for years. So, I've included links for similar looking ones!

Coat (something similar) -

Sweater (the actual one) -

Skirt (something similar) -

Knee High boots (the actual ones) -

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