My go to fall outfit!!!

Fall is my favorite time of year. Now, I know I might seem biased since I'm also a fall baby but you get to be the most creative with your outfits. I love layering and figuring out how to change my outfits to give them a whole new life than how I had previously worn them. This particular outfit is something I like to wear when I want to feel "cute" but also warm at the same time. I know that might not make sense since I'm wearing a skirt, but it's actually warmer than it seems. I am also a hoarder of fall items and so the coat in this picture goes ALL the way back to my freshman year of high school (yes, you read that right).

I couldn't find links for half of these items since I've had them for years. So, I've included links for similar looking ones!

Coat (something similar) -

Sweater (the actual one) -

Skirt (something similar) -

Knee High boots (the actual ones) -


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